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White Beats Headphones The recent surge in interest toward laser lipo machines is understandable when you consider the benefits of owning one of you are a beauty salon, body reshaping clinic, fitness centre. Non invasive laser lipo, or Col laser lipo as it is sometimes known offers substantial benefits to the ultimate client due to the fact that they do not have to under go brutal surgery. Additionally, cost is a major consideration for people who turn to "cosmetic surgery" for results when they struggle to shift awkward fat. Traditional Dre Beats Pink methods are expensive because they are performed by Dr's or Medics with really expensive equipment. There is recovery time, drugs, and all of the risks associated with surgery that is simply not an issue with non invasive laser lipo. From a business perspective, offering laser lipo fat busting is probably one of the best commercial decisions you can make. Marketed properly and you could quickly find that this becomes your business's biggest revenue generator. Ok, so what is on offer in terms of equipment and which one makes a good investment. ? The thing to look for is a combination of quality and low price. It's pointless investing huge sums in equipment that takes year and years to claw back. You Monster Beats Pink need to be looking for a system that offers results, but is costed sensibly so that you can offer treatments at a sensible price, and claw back your investment quickly. Some machines, such as the Zerona cost an eye watering amount of money and therefore are out of reach of most salons. There are machines available Beats Headphones Pink in the 20,000 region, but again, it's a little pointless investing so much when for just 3,999 you can get exactly the same thing. Now you may be thinking at this point, "why is it so cheap ?" The answer to this is that it isn't really cheap, the answer is that the others have had little competition for too long and as such have enjoyed a market whereby they can keep their prices high. Seems a little unfair ? Well, it is isn't it. The machine selling for just 3,999 is the Sigma Lumislim pro. It is a capable machine, well built and the results are plain to see. At this price it means that smaller salons can buy into Laser Lipo and compete with the bigger firms who have spent silly money on the other brands. In fact, not only can they compete, they can easily beat them on price because their equipment costs are Diddy Beats Pink and therefore you can also attract a bigger audience who really want laser lipo, but did not think that they could afford it.